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Adult Ballet Classes

Areté Dance Center is open to the public, offering classes in several genres to adults who want to challenge and inspire themselves through dance. Our adult ballet classes are taught by professional dancers and choreographers in our dance studio located in Los Altos, CA.

Our adult ballet classes teach a variety of different styles, from classical to contemporary ballet, with a focus on technique, choreography, and musicality. Our classes are suitable for all levels, even beginner ballet dancers. We focus on building strong basic, fundamentals but cater to adult dancers who want to feel movement through space.


We try to provide an experience that enables dancers to feel the richness and beauty of the epaulement and port de bras, which is great for adults who might not have a lot of flexibility in their legs or back, but can always express themselves through their arm and head movements. Ballet in and of itself is wonderful for developing better posture, muscle strength, and increasing one's general coordination skills.


Supporting classes including Strength & Stretch and Dance Fitness to help adults get the most out of their bodies and safely enjoy the universal language of ballet.

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