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Salsa, Bachata, & Club Dancing

Have you ever wanted to learn social dance, with an emphasis on the dances most frequently done at night clubs around the Bay Area?

Popular club dance styles include:

  • Salsa

  • Bachata

  • Swing, including:

    • Vintage Swing (Charleston, Balboa, Lindy Hop)

    • East Coast Swing

    • West Coast Swing

  • Mambo

  • Hustle

  • Merengue

  • Bolero

  • Nightclub two-step

  • Country western two-step

  • Club line dances

We offer an all-level salsa/bachata class on Sundays, with no partner or pre-registration required - just drop by any weeks you want! This class will focus on bachata one month, salsa the next month, and keep switching back and forth. You can tell which dance we're teaching this month on our calendar.

We don't currently have group classes focused on the other styles of club dancing, but our professional dance instructors are available to teach private lessons in all of the above club dance styles. Private dance lessons allow the instructor to focus on your individual needs, goals, and desires.

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