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All Staff Pro-Am Workshop and Dance Party

Come party with us and your fellow dancers! Enjoy a workshop on a unique subject every week, followed by open social dancing supported by our full professional teaching staff.


"Pro-Am" stands for Professional/Amateur, a competitive dance category where a professional instructor dances with their amateur student. Our workshops follow this model by including our FULL teaching staff, who dance with the students in attendance at both the workshop and the party. This gives our students the rare opportunity to dance not only with their own partner, dance peers, and private lesson instructor, but also with the wide variety of professional dance instructors teaching at our studio.

Our Friday night workshops and parties were inspired by Kris, the studio's owner, and her dream to own a studio where adult dancers with little or no experience could come and have the same experience she did attending a dance boarding school. Her goal as a dance studio owner is to bring a unique social, educational, and artistic experience to adults through a variety of dance classes suitable for all levels.


Prior workshop themes have included...

  • Halloween Costume Parties

  • Viennese Balls: Fairytale Ball, Masked Ball, etc.

  • Valentine's Red, White, and Black Ball

  • Salsa, Bachata, Nightclub Two Step, Swing, and other social club styles of dance

  • West Side Story / Broadway Jazz

  • Ukrainian Folk Dance

  • Performance Workshops

  • Pas de Deux (ballet partnering)

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