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Swing Dance

Swing dance is a group of dances that developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920s-1940s. Styles of swing dancing include Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Charleston. Many traditional swing dances originated in African-American communities. The term "swing dancing" is often extended to include other dances that don't have certain characteristics of traditional swing dances, includes West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, and Jive.


Often, swing dances are popular social dances, with vibrant local communities that hold dances with DJs and live bands. Swing dancing is common at weddings, country clubs, cruises, and outdoor festivals, making it a useful dance to learn for anyone who wants to dance socially. It's a fun dance to learn with a date, with a friend, or on your own so you're ready for a night on the town.

Ways to Learn Swing at Arete Dance Center

Swing is not taught in our Ballroom and Latin series group class program, as it is considered a club dance. However, our professional instructors are available to teach you swing (including Vintage Swing, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, and Jive) during private dance lessons. This is a great option because we can work on your specific goals and desires, and adapt everything to your level. Whether you've never danced before or are an experienced swing dancer, our instructors are ready to take you to the next level with your dancing.

Ready to get started? Click one of the links below, or email us at with any questions!

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