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Adult Dance Classes in the Bay Area


Ballroom Dance


We teach Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Jive and more in our ballroom dance program. The genre of ballroom dance is unique, as it is the only form of dance which contains true lead and follow between two people.

Adult Ballet


Our adult ballet classes teach a variety of different styles, from classical to contemporary ballet, with a focus on technique, choreography, and musicality. This class is good for all levels, even those who have never taken ballet before.

"Arete Dance Center is just the best dance studio I have ever been to - I have lived all over the world and danced in France, Sweden, UK and the US. But never have encountered a better, professional yet friendly set of instructors. HIGHLY recommended."   - Helen P.

"Not only are the staff and teachers extremely knowledgeable, they are also professional, friendly, and responsive to student concerns, and they cultivate an authentic sense of family -- it is a dance family. What contributes to this, additionally, are the other students who are always open to chat, extend some of their own dance tips, or just a sympathetic ear. I highly recommend Areté to anyone interested in learning dance, whether you are new to dance or have many years of experience to your name."   - Ashwin S.

"All the instructors I’ve worked with have technical background and skill, but also the ability to instill this in students in a way that is both digestible and fun - I think the latter is more difficult to find in a teacher, and it’s also the reason I push myself to practice/learn/grow as much as I do. Kris, who owns the studio and teaches many of the group classes, is absolutely the nicest person. She genuinely cares about/loves her students in a way that creates the studio’s whole atmosphere. ADC truly feels like a family to me, and I couldn’t imagine doing what I’m doing anywhere else."   - Sarah M.


Student Testimonials